10 tips to keep your fruits and vegetable fresh for a longer time.

  1. Short for first in, first out. Rotate your food so that you consume the food that you bought earlier first.
  2. To ensure bacteria doesn’t multiply, the temperature of the fridge should be kept at 3 degree C or below.
  3. Meat should be stores in the lowest compartment of the fridge as it is the coldest section. It helps to prevent the juices from leaking onto the other foods too.
  4. It is good practice to to separate your meat, poultry and seafood to avoid cross contamination.
  5. In general, raw meats can be stored for about four days, cooked meats for about three.
  6. Ethylene gas are released by some fruits. It may cause vegetables to prematurely spoil. It is best to store fruits and vegetables separately in the dedicated fruit and vegetables compartments.
  7. Keep your fridge clean. Leftover residue or mold spores can increase the spoilage of all your food that is in the fridge.
  8. Try not to cut your fruits and vegetables unless you have to. A cut apple is going to spoil faster than one that is not.
  9. Do not overstock the fridge as it will lead to poor air circulation.
  10. Trapped moisture will also make mushrooms go bad. Store them in a brown paper bag in the fridge or a cool, dry place.