AMidea Group

From its establishment in 1968, Midea has developed into the world’s largest producer of consumer appliances (according to Euromonitor International’s 2012 new Consumer Appliances Trade Statistics database). After 40 years of relentless growth with business ventures covering HVAC, appliances, lighting, industrial components, logistics, and real estate, Midea achieved global sales revenue of over $22 billion USD in 2011. Midea is proud to partner Toshiba in opening the Midea-Toshiba Carrier Inverter joint research and development (R&D) centre to share state-of-the-art technology that will be used in a range of applications worldwide, becoming the first Chinese company to gain access to inverter technologies and develop its own inverter control modules and chips. As a responsible corporate citizen, Midea consistently seeks for excellence and provides affordable high-quality products and services to consumers worldwide while creating over 180,000 jobs globally. In addition, it engages in environmental conservation and gives back to local societies.

BMidea MID

As a key part of Midea Group, Midea International Division (MID) of Midea Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Sector is a comprehensive export platform for air-conditioners, washing machinese, refrigerators, commercial air-conditioning systems and heat pump applications. Adhering to the core values “Safety, Quality, Cost and Efficiency”, MID has integrated R&D, manufacturing and sales to provide world class service to consumers internationally. Midea MID sustains its competitive advantages through innovation, production capacity and dedicated support services. With global sales and operation network spreading over 150 countries and regions and strategic production facilities worldwide, MID ensures efficient operation with scalable capacity and continuos technology progress, making the company a leading household name in the global market.