Aircon Self Cleaning Timing

All Midea air conditioners come pre-installed with self-cleaning anti-mold function to prolong your equipment life span. After the air conditioner is turned off, the louver will remain open in Fan-only mode (consuming low energy) for a few minutes – up to a maximum of 16 minutes – to dry out moisture in the pipes and equipment. Manual overriding (by pressing “power off” twice) of the self-cleaning function may have unfavorable consequences & promote mold formation that requires maintenance servicing not covered under the original product warranty.


Product Quality


Quality Management:
Midea has a clear quality policy and a strict quality objective, based on what we had learned from the management of other established enterprises. The use of 6 Sigma Quality Management will steadily improve the quality of Midea’s products.

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[dropcap2]13[/dropcap2]2008 – Midea purchased 24.01% stake of Little Swan, aiming at establishing a broader platform for its power-industries of refrigerator and washing machine.

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Go Green!

As environmental pollution threatens human increasingly and the energy crisis becomes increasingly serious, Midea is meeting a series of challenges with advanced technology. Midea carries through the green philosophy throughout the product lifecycle from design, R&D, procurement, manufacturing, marketing to service.

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