[dropcap2]13[/dropcap2]2008 – Midea purchased 24.01% stake of Little Swan, aiming at establishing a broader platform for its power-industries of refrigerator and washing machine.

[dropcap2]12[/dropcap2]2007 – The Vietnam Industrial Park of Midea was founded and put into production. The Park has been the manufacturing and export base of Midea in ASEAN.

[dropcap2]11[/dropcap2]2006 – Midea conducted the reform of non-tradable shares and entered into the capital-circulation era.

[dropcap2]10[/dropcap2]2005 – Midea formulated the development plan of “The Eleventh Five Year”, and committed itself to become the top 2 in Asia and the top 5 at world large among the white household electric appliance manufacturers.

[dropcap2]9[/dropcap2]2004 – Midea signed the air-conditioning cooperation agreement with Toshiba Carrier and realized their all-round strategic cooperation.

[dropcap2]8[/dropcap2]2001 – Midea purchased Qingjiang Electric Motor, Royalstar, Hualing and Chongqing GM to further improve its white household electric appliance products and production chain.

[dropcap2]7[/dropcap2]1999 – Midea completed its Management Buy-Outs (MBO) and further improved its management structure.

[dropcap2]6[/dropcap2]1998 – Midea purchased Wuhu Liguang Air-conditioning Company and established its first industrial park in other place.

[dropcap2]5[/dropcap2]1997 – Midea adopted the reform of business division structure which further stimulated its operational dynamism.

[dropcap2]4[/dropcap2]1993 – “Yue Midea” was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

[dropcap2]3[/dropcap2]1985 – Midea started to produce air-conditioner, which marked its entry into the refrigeration field.

[dropcap2]2[/dropcap2]1980 – Midea started to produce electrical fan which marked its entry into the household electrical appliance manufacturing industry.

[dropcap2]1[/dropcap2]1968 – Mr. He Xiangjian, leading 23 people with capital of RMB5,000, opened the history of Midea.