Product Quality


Quality Management:
Midea has a clear quality policy and a strict quality objective, based on what we had learned from the management of other established enterprises. The use of 6 Sigma Quality Management will steadily improve the quality of Midea’s products.

Quality Policy:

Upholding the philosophy of “quality is the dignity of an enterprise”, Midea has established a quality management system with customer orientation, with adherence to the principles of quality video thinking, customer viewpoint, long-term vision, indifference rejection and the pursuit of zero defects. With the guidance of the above four principles, Midea has been providing sincere services to customers. Consequently, we have been enhancing the satisfaction of customers and the business performance of the enterprise, by paying due attention to problem prevention, continuous innovation, and constant improvement, and attaching importance to teamwork and the participation of each employee.

Quality objective: 
Product projective: the average repairing rate is decreased by 10% year-on-year (comparatively).

Customer satisfaction:

Increased by 3% on average year on year (comparatively) Sigma quality management:
Midea’s great efforts in quality management are evidenced by the fact that there are over 40 people with black belts promoting 6 Sigma within the enterprise. Our goal is that by the year 2007, Midea’s products can reach the standard of 6 Sigma on an overall basis, and the group can become a leader in the industry, providing world-class products and services to customers.

Related quality certifications:

In 1995, we became the first enterprise in the Chinese air-conditioning industry to be certified to the British BSI and the ISO9001 quality management system by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency;

In 1999, we were certified to the new ISO9001:2000 quality management system by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, as well as to the OHSAS18001 system of occupational health and safety management;