The Sicily dryer’s Reverse Tumbling Action automatically activates a few seconds after the drying process is completed. The inner drum rotates in the opposite direction, effectively reducing clothes entanglement and minimizing wrinkles.


Safety Thermostat HeaterWater Being Poured Into Glass

Using temperature sensor and thermostat control to provide the maximum protection to the unit.

The sensor and thermostat control works hand in hand, with the sensor keeping track of the temperature. In the event the temperature reaches ‘warning’ level, the sensor will send message to the thermostat control to stop, thus preventing the temperature from exceeding the required program temperature.


Child Lockgreen environmental

The child lock feature enhances safety in every family to protect young children during operation. In addition, it avoids disruption during the washing process.

To Activate
By pressing [PRESET] button for 3 secs. Likewise, to de-activate, press [PRESET] button for 3 secs again.


Stainless Steel Drum


High gloss stainless steel drum effectively minimizes the abrasion between the fabrics and the inner drum. This safeguards the fabrics’ quality and prolongs their lifespan while minimizing the amount of fibres that protrude through the tiny holes of the drum.


Intelligent Auto Balance Systembalancesystem

Uneven distribution of laundry in the drum creates high impact vibrations and noise during the spin process. In the event of imbalance laundry load, the auto balance system will intelligently detect and automatically adjust spin speed to prevent vibrations and prolong the machine’s lifespan.

Specs Details
Power & Capacity Power Supply: 230V/50HZ Rated Input Power: 1700 W
Drying Capacity: 6 kg Rated Current: 7.7 A Motor Power (Output): 110 W
Features Drying Type: Vented Drying Control: Electronic Air Vent Direction: Rear
Door Open Angle: 180° Door Diameter (Inner): 30 cm Drum Volume: 97.5 L
Appearance Cabinet Color: White Door Color: White Display Type: 0-LED
Display Color: Red Transparent Windows Fault Check Display (Indicator)
Materials Drum Material : Stainless Venting Pipe
Special Features Reverse Tumbling Buzzer Number of Program : 7
Safety Autosensing Electronic Safety Thermostat Heater Self Diagnostic System
Knob Selection Extra Dry Middle Dry Light Dry
Button Function Crease Guard Full Half
Airing Dryness Settings
Noise dB(A) 65 dB(A)
Dimensions Net Dimensions (WxDxH) 597 x 555 x 840 mm Gross Dimensions (WxDxH) 645 x 580 x 890 mm
Weight Net Weight 33 kg Gross Weight 38 kg