Even with its 8 wash programs, the Sicily washer remains easy to operate with its LED indicators. Sophisticated. Slick. Simple. The way life should be. Midea… beyond your expectation.


Anti Foam ControlWater Being Poured Into Glass

Excessive or inappropriate washing detergent/powder added to the washing process causes large amount of suds overflowing from the washing machine. This directly affects the washing performance of the fabrics and shortens the lifespan of the washing machine.

How It Works
With the Anti Foam Control, the washer automatically increases the rinse process once it detects excessive foam. This action effectively washes & cleans off detergent residue to avoid skin discomfort caused by residual remains on laundry.

2High Energy and Water Efficiencygreen environmental

The Vase has been put through various cycles of rigorous tests and has proven itself to be a strong performer rich in features.

Certified with the highest energy and water efficiency ratings by National Environment Agency (NEA), the Vase saves on your utility bills while saving the earth.

3Stainless Steel Drum


High gloss stainless steel drum effectively minimizes the abrasion between the fabrics and the inner drum. This safeguards the fabrics’ quality and prolongs their lifespan while minimizing the amount of fibres that protrude through the tiny holes of the drum.

4Intelligent Auto Balance Systembalancesystem

Uneven distribution of laundry in the drum creates high impact vibrations and noise during the spin process. In the event of imbalance laundry load, the auto balance system will intelligently detect and automatically adjust spin speed to prevent vibrations and prolong the machine’s lifespan.[/one_half]

Specs Details
Energy Rating 220-240V / 50HZ Wash Ratio : A
Energy Efficiency Class : A Moisture Ratio : C
Features Washing Capacity : 7.0 kg Door Diameter (Inner) : 30 cm
Max. Spin Speed : 1200 rpm Volume of Inner Tub : 53.6 L
Door Open Angle : 180° Standard Cycle Time : 180 min
Appearance Display Type : O-LED Fault Check Display
Display Color : Red
Safety PTC Door Lock Anti Foam Control
Memory of Power Interrupt Overheating Control
Overflow Control Auto Balance System
Self Diagnostic System
Programs Synthetic Cotton
Wool Underwear
Intensive Quick
Knob Selection Drum Clean Spin Only
Drain & Spin
Button Function Temperature Selection: Cold Cold 40 60 90
Noise dB(A) Wash : 64 dB(A) Spin : 76 dB(A)
Dimensions Net Dimensions (WxDxH) : 595 x 565 x 850 mm Gross Dimensions (WxDxH) : 680 x 660 x 875 mm
Weight Net Weight : 67 kg Gross Weight : 72 kg