When buying a new washing machine, there’s a lot to consider besides how well it cleans. First, you’ll consider the type of machine you want — a traditional top loader, a top loader without an agitator, or a front loader.

Budget, of course, is another consideration.

Here is a guide to help you with your decision

  • If you have a small laundry area: Full-sized washers will be larger (and some machines sport bulky, contoured fronts that add to the width), so start by grabbing your tape measure. Jot down the dimensions of your space, but also check that the washer will fit through the hallways and doorways on the way into the laundry area. And consider other limiting factors, such as a washer door that will bang into the wall every time you open it. If you’re faced with a super-narrow space, a front loader that stacks with the dryer may be your best bet.
  • If you have a big household or you just have a ton of wash to do: You would need a larger capacity for the tub dimensions You’ll find the largest capacity on a front. Some washing machine has an easy one-touch feature so your older kids have no excuse not to help you out with your washing! A press of a button is all they need to get the washing started.
  • If you don’t want to spend a lot (who really wants to spend too much on a washing machine): A small budget doesn’t necessarily mean a sacrifice in performance. Sometimes even colours make a difference in the pricing. An all-white model tends to be cheaper.
  • Traditional no-frill top loaders are the cheapest, but they use more energy to run. Use the Energy Guide estimates to factor in your energy costs over the 10-to-15-year life of the machine.
  • If you want to conserve water and electricity: Front loaders use way less water than traditional top loaders, which have to fill up entirely for the wash and rinse cycles
  • If you’re always fighting tough stains: Front loaders tend to provide better cleaning results than top loaders. Look for a machine with a special stain-remover or presoaking cycles.
  • If you’re particular about clothing care: You’ll prefer a front-loader or a top-loader without the agitator, which can cause clothing to tangle and is harder on fabric.